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Media Partners

Publications, websites and institutions related to this event, its satellite events and its venue are welcome to enter a media partnership with HEALTHINF, by means of which they assist in divulging the conference through a link exchange, by forwarding our Call for Papers or by publishing news pieces about the event, its speakers or satellite events.

Current Media Partners:


Medgadget is an independent publication published by a group of MDs and biomed engineers. It covers daily medical technology news from around the world reporting on the latest medical device approvals, technology announcements,discoveries, and other developments. Medgadget reporters also interview leaders in the field, and file dispatches from medical events around the world.


Informatics (ISSN 2227-9709) ( is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, which publishes original theoretical and empirical work on the science of informatics and its application in multiple fields. There will be no charge for authors and readers. Our concept of Informatics includes technologies of information and communication as well as the biological, social, linguistic and cultural changes that initiate, accompany and complicate their development. The scope of Informatics includes: Human–Computer Interaction; Media Arts and Sciences; Medical Informatics; Health Informatics; Social Informatics; Business Informatics; Social/Human Informatics; Geoinformatics; Informatics in the Arts and Cultural Informatics.

Haptic technology

Haptic technology has made it possible to investigate how  the human sense of touch works by allowing the creation of carefully controlled haptic virtual objects. promote the newest app, technology and products from IoT, VR and IT fields
You’ve probably experienced haptic in many of the consumer devices that you use every day. Publishing articles and making reviews. Haptic tools are used in a variety of educational settings, both to teach concepts and to train students in specific techniques.

Physics World

Physics World is the membership magazine of the Institute of Physics, one of the largest physical societies in the world. Internationally recognized as a leading physics publication, it provides incisive, global coverage of all topics of interest to physicists.